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Saleem Aslam


Mr. Saleem Aslam has been a Master real estate developer/advisor since 1996. He has implemented the full cycle of buying, refurbishing, renting, and selling of many commercial and residential projects worldwide. He is known for his abilities in adding value in any estate through his creative deal structures, and master minding projects with his own vision and imagination; thus taking a massive lead in many markets across the globe.

He has developed direct relationships with many foreign investors, and positioned himself in the real estate industry as a leader of quality investment opportunities for his clients. This is evident from the fact that in 16 years he has implemented transactions worth hundreds of £millions, in the process making massive yields and returns whereas others in this field simply could not achieve.

The success does not stop at property investments. Whilst others have unfortunately struggled and failed since 2008 in the current economic climate, he has enhanced growth by strategically investing into specific markets and industries, thus ensuring that he leads the way in any industry that he is involved in. He has personally structured and developed various companies that are providing end to end tailored services to a diversified range of customer’s and investor’s, meeting their specific short and long term investment goals, namely maximum profits and returns.